12/22: Blockchain – Concept & Uses

Summary of +65 technical Training delivered in 2022.

10/22: Virtual reality: 4 week training program

09/22: 2 month training at AUF: e-trade; video production, graphic design, we development 

08/22: Virtual reality: open day

07/22: Python coding: 3 month training program

06/22: conferences on coding

04/22: UNCTAD e-commerce week. Leading a session with a focus on Vanuatu

01/22: Installation of the IoT antenna

11/21: Introduction to the blockchain technology

12/21:Setup of the virtual reality equipment

10/21: Coding needs: roundtable discussion

07/21: Set up of the 3D printer

06/21: National ICT award

05/21: Digital showcase

01/21: Launch of the association

Introduction to blockchain technology blockchain technology

National ICT DAY

Digital Showcase

Launch of the Association

Our association was launched by its founding members on Thursday 4th of March, 5:30pm at Yumiwork.

Vanuatu IDEA is an association, dealing with Innovation and Digital Economy.

Objective is to gather motivated people, to share skills, to support projects.